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To kickoff our Football Xtras page, we're handing off these wrinkles for your Second Season playbook.  It's our goal to gain more innovations by the next quarter, so when your ideas touch down, pass them to us to hand off to your fellow gamers!


Solo Play Calling Chart - Bob Shurig
Excel-based chart uses 2 6-sided dice to fine-tune playcall by down & distance.

SS Fields - John Ewing
Custom fields for NFC North teams.

SS Score Simulators 2004-2008 - John Sandora
Excel based program provides quick-play results including scores.  Great companion for single-team replay.

Custom fields for NFC East teams - John Ewing

Solo playcalling chart with red zone adjustments - John Sandora

Printable Second Season Football Scoresheet - Replay Extra

1969 NFL - AFL Season - created by David Gray

1998 Season - created by Brian Reising

1981 Season - created by Chris Rowe with input from other SS gamers.

No Dice Play Cards - Now play Second Season Football without dice!  Innovative FAC deck also incorporates automated solo playcalling for swift and smooth SS Football action.


Fan-created college teams:
2007 Florida & 2007 Michigan - Josh Nelson
2007 Navy & 2007 Utah
- Tony DeCastro
1982 NCAA College Football Teams - Matt Crawford

Fan-created PDF Super Bowl Teams updated by John Sandora

Football stats sheet - Printable stats sheet tracks in-game stats for both teams - from John Sandora

1986 Season  Replay this classic season! - James Gendron

Second Season Scoresheet - Jon Conner
Jon's scoresheet in Excel tracks individual and team stats and scoring in style.

Second Season Scoresheet 2- Ray Surdel
Ray's play-by-play scoresheet enables detailed scoring in SS Football.

Optional Punt and Kickoff Return Charts - designed for new special teams coverage ratings.

Addition to How-To Guide Updated Fall 2007- Additional how-to instructions for assigning team penalty, fumble, 'Y' optional ratings and new special teams coverage ratings.

Second Season 1953 NFL top 6 teams - from Joe Geistwhite

1996 Second Season Team Charts - Another new season created by Chris Rowe.

1962 NFL Season by Travis Weir  (Excel Files)

1965 AFL Teams created  by Rolf Siller.  (Excel file)

Solo Play Calling Charts
Our version of Chris Howell's playcalling charts.  Zipped folder with chart in Excel and PDF format, and PDF instructions.

Innovative playing field makes tracking ball movement easier than ever!  Available with either Basic Timing or Detailed Timing clocks.  (Zipped folders are password protected.  Password hint for SS game owners: first word of result #11 on the PL long punt chart.)

1991 Second Season Team Charts - Our first gamer-created SS set!  Replay the 1991 pro football season with these charts.  Contributed by Chris Rowe.

Correction in new SS Game Book - on Page 16.  Long Pass Chart:  Note to the left of QB completion chart should read, "All '2Q' readings on chart at right are read as '3Q' vs. RUN defense."

2004 Season Stat Keeping Tools - These Excel files from Kevin Santosuosso can be used to set up and print game stat sheets and update stats for a 2004 replay (can be used as a template for other seasons too).

Old Tom's Football Scoresheet - Tom Jordan's innovative method of tracking football game action.  Includes detailed timekeeping.

Optional Offensive & Defensive Play Calling System - This set of charts designed by Chris Howell can be used to tailor offense play calls to team tendencies.

Two optional fields with clocks
Playing field with Basic game clock - Keeps time as in the game rules.
Playing field with Optional timing clock - Keeps detailed game time throughout the game.

Optional Penalty and Fumble Chart - New option to reflect team tendencies to commit penalties and recover fumbles.

Chris Robinson's Files - Chris offers Excel and Word files featuring scoresheets, optional rules and other extras.

Mark Miller's Second Season Innovations - Packet of Second Season options and helpers, including score sheets, solo play charts and quick reference sheets (zipped Excel & Word files).

Optional new features and updates for the SS Game Book - Keith Avallone
Includes ratings for mobile quarterbacks, interception, defensive interference, bomber rating, and weather effects.

Optional printable football field and markers - Mike Clark


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