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NOTE: Like any PC program, PC Replay Baseball requires basic computer knowledge, including the ability to save and move files, and copy & paste.  Please try the demo extensively to be sure you are comfortable with the program before buying.  Because we provide you with the demo to try the game on your PC, no refund can be made after the game and/or season(s) are purchased.

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PC Replay Baseball Game Version 4.6
PC Replay Baseball brings all the fun and action
of the Replay Baseball tabletop to your PC.
PC Replay Baseball IS Replay Baseball!


1) FIRST, you must download your game at the PC BB Download page BEFORE you buy.  The registration process requires that you have the game installed on your computer before we are able to generate your registration code. We recommend you try it FREE for 5 days (see above).

2) Only when you have the game installed on your computer can we then send you the season of your choice and its registration code. 
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About PCBB Seasons
Each PC Replay full season (excluding great teams sets) includes every batter and pitcher who played that season, real-life schedule, starting lineups & starting pitchers for each game, and roster moves.

When you purchase a season, you will receive an email with a registration code for that season, usually within 1 business day.

pcbbe PC Replay Baseball Encyclopedia
The perfect companion to your library of seasons...a Replayer's best friend!

pcbb100w 100 Win Runners Up Special 8 team set
100+ wins but didn't make the postseason!

1909 Chicago (N)  104-49
1915 Detroit 100-54
1942 Brooklyn 104-50
1954 New York (A) 103-51
1961 Detroit 101-61
1962 Los Angeles (N) 102-63
1980 Baltimore 100-62                        
1993 San Francisco 103-59


pcbbraft Replay All-Franchise Teams
Replay's first-ever collection of the top 30 players for each of the current 30 franchises.  Rosters are players who were chosen in Now Taking the Field, by Tom Stone (ACTA Sports)

pcbb2023 NEW! 2023 Season

pcbb2022 2022 Season

pcbb2021 2021 Season
Baseball managed a return to normalcy and a full 162 game season, but the pandemic still caused lots of roster shuffling and even kept Toronto playing their home games in the US for the first few months. In the end, an unlikely but nonetheless impressive champion emerged from Atlanta.



pcbb2020 2020 Season
Relive one of history's most unique baseball seasons!  Amid a worldwide pandemic, the big leagues manage to play a 60 game schedule without fans in the stands, culminating in a championship for powerhouse in any era in Los Angeles.  PC season includes an as-scheduled schedule so you can see how some monster player performances in 60 games look over a full season!



pcbb2019 2019 Season
First in war, first in peace...and first in Major League Baseball!  Washington overcomes a shaky start and roars to a championship, delighting fans in this nation's capital as well as in the franchise's original Canadian home.



pcbb2018 2018 Season
As managers experimented with changing strategies and roster changes, from expanded bullpens and more jack-of-all-trades utility position players to short-stint "openers" on the mound, Boston proved in the end that sound, winning baseball is timeless.  The club won 108 games in the regular season before dispatching New York, Houston and finally Los Angeles to claim their fourth title of the still-young century.



pcbb2017 2017 Season
In a year where homeruns were being launched all over MLB, it was only fitting that Houston, birthplace of America's early space shots, earned the first title in its 55 year history. Houston prevailed in Game Seven on the road to defeat Los Angeles, the NL champs, in an exciting back and forth Series.



pcbb2016 2016 Season  It happened! After more than a century of curses, hexes and near misses, Chicago's North Siders were World Champs once again.   Showing great resilience through a tough postseason, the champs prevailed in a fall classic for the ages in defeating Cleveland's tribe of youngsters, taking it all the way to a classic Game Seven.

pcbb2015 2015 Season  Relive all the action of the 2015 season!


pcbb2014 2014 Season This season, some surprising teams climbed to the top of their divisions while some perennial favorites slipped back. In the end, two wild card teams battled for the crown, with Kansas City's storybook season thwarted by the biennial dynasty from San Francisco.

pcbb2013 2013 Season The 2013 presents a surprising champion from a resilient Beantown, the resurgence of storied franchises in Oakland and Pittsburgh, along with the lows of 100 loss disasters in Miami and league-swapping Houston.

pcbb2012 2012 Season  The 2012 season had something for every baseball fan, from power-rich teams to pitching-and-defense first clubs; from future HOFers making their last go round to potential HOFers making a big impact.  Even the playoff picture featured a collage of the usual contenders and suddenly-strong franchises who hadn't been heard from in a while.

pcbb2011 2011 Season "It ain't over til it's over".  Yogi Berra's famous quote was never more apt than in 2011- just ask fans in St. Louis, Atlanta, Tampa and Boston!  When the season's final-day drama and exciting postseason had ended, Tony La Russa's (wild) Cards had prevailed as improbable World Champs, defeating the two-time AL champs from Texas in La Russa's final season as manager.

pcbb2010 2010 Season Dubbed by many to be the "Year of the Pitcher" following the inflated offense of the previous decade-plus, 2010 saw six no-hitters, two perfect games and one near-perfecto denied by a dubious umpiring call on the last out. A dramatic postseason featured a first-ever WS appearance by Texas and a first-ever WS championship team in San Francisco.

pcbb2009 2009 Season The Bronx Bombers carried their nickname to their new digs, pacing the majors in homers and christening their new ballpark with a World Championship.  The cross-town NL counterparts didn't fare as well in their new park, as injuries derailed their season hopes. Philadelphia defended their NL title and also paced their league in home runs.


2008 Season 2008's weird and wonderful happenings provide ample grist for the Replay mill. Can a Boston replayer come up with three more runs to push past the Miracle Rays? Or can a Milwaukee replayer get a few more innings out of import C.C. Sabathia to push them over the top? Could Minnesota, or the Yankees, or the Mets write new endings to their tales of woe? Could a young Diamondbacks team find a few more runs in the woodpile to push them to the top? Or can the canny replayer undo the Cubs' Curse of the Billy Goat? It's always warm and dry with Replay, so pick up your favorites and let's go--it's always a good day to rewrite history!  --Michael Webb



2007 Season  In the AL, Boston was top dog, surviving a seven-game ALCS against Cleveland. In New York,  manager Joe Torre stepped away after a first-round loss to the Tribe. Los Angeles brought the AL West flag home to Anaheim after a summer test from resurgent Seattle.  In the wide-open NL, surprising Colorado took a queue from its mountain home and peaked at just the right time. Their hot second half and dominant run through the NL postseason field was the top story in a wild NL season.


pcbb2006 2006 Season  Lots of great baseball awaits you in this season set, whether you dig the long ball, enjoy sheer speed, or are riveted by an almost untouchable young pitching phenom at work.  In the regular season New York was the Capitol of Baseball, with the heavy-hitting Yankees and resurgent Mets dominating their divisions.  There were plenty of surprises elsewhere but in the end, the Cardinals christened their new Busch Stadium with the championship!

pcbb2005 2005 Season Chicago finally shakes off the Black Sox scandal, hosing down their long championship drought; and Houston makes its first World Series appearance after defeating a tough St. Louis team in the NL championship!

pcbb2004c 2004 Collector's Choice This special new mini set contains eight  2004 playoff teams plus Oakland. $13.95

pcbb2001c 2001 Collector's Choice This special mini set contains the eight 2001 playoff teams plus San Francisco. $13.95

pcbb2000c 2000 Collector's Choice This special mini set contains the eight 2000 playoff teams plus Cleveland. $13.95

pcbb1999c 1999 Collector's Choice  This special new set contains the eight 1999 playoff teams plus Cincinnati. $13.95

pcbb1998 1998 Season
Brand new edition of the very first Replay season published in Ohiopyle!

Relive the HR chase that captured the nation and revisit the historic season of the world champs from Gotham!

pcbb1998c 1998 Collector's Choice  This special set contains the eight 1998 playoff teams plus St. Louis. $13.95

pcbb1994c 1994 Collector's Choice
This special new mini set contains the top 9 teams by record from this strike-shortened season.

pcbb1993 1993 Season  The 1993 season had future stars stepping onto the stage for the first time, while legends were taking their bows.  Now you can manage the 1993 teams yourself, Replay-style! Can you coax one or two more wins from San Francisco? Can you guide Philadelphia to a title, or perhaps Atlanta can deny Toronto the repeat? Or could you steer a NY team or a promising young Montreal team into a division title?  Find out... $26.95

pcbb1991 1991 Season
Replay's first-ever version of this season!

pcbb1990s 1990s Diamond Decade Our newest installment in our decades series!  Featuring 18 memorable teams from the 1990s.   (See the 1990s DD Yearbook description for the list of included teams.)

pcbb1986 NEW! 1986 Season 
Our latest season from a wonderful era of baseball, with many future of Hall of Famers on the mound and at the plate. The postseason was fantastic, too, culminating in an epic fall classic that capped a big season for New York and brought historic heartbreak to Beantown.


pcbb1985 1985 Season  The 1985 season offered much of the best of 1980s style baseball, with a wonderful balance of pitching, hitting, power, speed and defense.  Not to mention great division races and an exciting postseason, culminating in a most memorable fall classic between intrastate rivals!

pcbb1984 1984 Season  Replay Detroit's record-breaking start en route to a world championship!  Sparky Anderson's Motor City squad amassed a whopping 104 games, then swept Kansas City in the AL playoffs. In the NL, San Diego fought back to down Chicago for the NL championship, after both teams had captured their first ever division titles. $26.95

pcbb1982 1982 Season
A quintessential 1980s baseball season!  Replayers should see pennant races in all four divisions in this well-balanced season.

pcbb1980s 1980s Diamond Decade Featuring 20 memorable teams from the 1980s.  The 1980s offered something for every baseball fan:  offense, pitching, speed, power and defense.  From power pitchers to sinewy sluggers to stealthy speedsters to fabulous fielders, it's all here!  (See the 1980s DD Yearbook description for the list of included teams.)

pcbb1980 1980 Season
The Liberty Bell finally tolled for the hometown team to celebrate a championship in Philadelphia.  Great races in most divisions and an historic run at a .400 average will make for some great Replay action!


pcbb1970s 1970s Diamond Decade
Featuring 18 memorable teams from the 1970s.
(See the 1970s DD Yearbook description for the list of included teams.)


pcbb1979 1979 Season
Chuck Tanner's Pittsburgh family welcomed key new members in mid-season - they helped the Bucs stave off a tough young Montreal squad in the NL East, then dispatch West winner Cincinnati.  In the AL, 102-win Baltimore bested a surprising California club to set up a WS rematch.  Pittsburgh rallied from 3-1 down to take the championship.


pcbb1978 1978 Season
Four competitive pennant races among division arch-rivals, plenty of pitching, speed, power and lots of future Hall of Famers in action... this is seventies baseball at its best!


pcbb1977 1977 Season
One of the best seasons of this era finally comes to Replay Baseball!  Featuring a balance of power, speed, pitching and defense to showcase baseball at its best, this season has two great division races in the East (although someone could surprise in the West) and then a memorable post-season!

pcbb1976 1976 Season  A watershed year for the national pastime! As the country celebrated its Bicentennial and major league baseball celebrated its centennial, players were celebrating the end of the reserve clause and the dawn of the free agency era. $26.95


1975 Season 1975 was a season best remembered for its exciting World Series.  It was also a season filled with the best of what baseball has to offer: great pitching, power, speed and defense.  A simple World Series replay will surely be a treat, given such real-life heroics to emulate.  But there is  much more to this Replay Baseball set than just the two famous Series foes!


pcbb1974 1974 Season
A season with something for every baseball fan!  Start with an historic quest to eclipse the Babe's all-time HR record, and including iconic performances by many of the game's HOFers-to-be.  There are 25-game winners on the mound, a new single-season SB record on the bases, and repeat batting champs at the plate.  Throw in some tight pennant races and a three-peat champion, and the season has it all!



pcbb1973 1973 Season The Designated Hitter debuts! Oakland's dynasty was in its full glory in the AL, fending off upstart Kansas City and then Baltimore to advance to the fall classic for the second straight year. In the NL, as with Oakland, Cincinnati's Big Red Machine continued to purr along, topping Los Angeles in the West. It was a race for the ages in the wacky, wide open NL East, finally won on the last day by New York. The Amazin's surprised Cincinnati, then took Oakland to seven games before succumbing to the repeat World Champs. $26.95

pcbb1972 1972 Season  All-new edition of the very first season published by Replay Games.  A player strike  wiped out several early season games, but by season's end fans were riveted to tense, exciting baseball in the postseason, as both LCS and the World Series went the distance.  In the end, Charlie Finley's burgeoning A's dynasty prevailed over an equally formidable Red Machine from Cincy. $26.95

pcbb1971 1971 Season  The AL featured two 100-game winners:  Baltimore, the 1970 defending champs, boasted four 20-game winners; Charlie Finley's young A's team took the West by storm with a 21 year-old pitching phenom.  The NL race was tighter.  Pittsburgh's boisterous offense and solid pitching wore down St. Louis in the East.  San Francisco burst from the gate for a big lead, slumped late, but nosed under the wire ahead of hard-charging Los Angeles.  In a classic seven-game Series, Pittsburgh showcased their Hall-of-Fame right fielder and prevailed over favored Baltimore! $26.95

pcbb1970 1970 Season
First ever Replay edition of this memorable season! Two juggernauts dominated their leagues, but it was the birds of Baltimore returning to the fall classic, this time quieting the Big Red Machine in five games.

pcbb1960s 1960s Diamond Decade
Featuring 18 memorable teams from the 1960s.
(See the 1960s DD Yearbook description for the list of included teams.)

pcbb1969 1969 Season  Replay's new edition of the 1969 season - an exciting centennial year for baseball, just waiting to be relived and Replayed on your PC! $26.95

pcbb1968 1968 Season  "The Year of the Pitcher" $26.95

pcbb1967 1967 Season  The closest race in MLB history can now be replayed in the wild '67 AL, while 101-game winner St. Louis awaits all comers in the NL!  Pitching was dominant in both leagues, and hitting was on its way to historic low water marks the following season.  Plenty of future Hall of Famers roamed big league fields in 1967, and now you can see them in action on your tabletop! $26.95

pcbb1966 1966 Season  Our all-new third edition of this exciting historical season! The NL delivers a down-to-the-wire pennant race with the defending champs prevailing, only to be swept in the Fall Classic by the juggernaut AL champion. This set contains all the latest game features and ratings. $26.95

pcbb1965 1965 Season  If you like pitching, hitting, OR defense, the '65 season has a little bit of everything for baseball fans!  Many of the game's most beloved icons of the 20th century played at their peaks in 1965. Pitching began to grab the upper hand, and several stars shined brightly at the plate and on the bases: A young shortstop brought his team home with a 102-win season, and a larger-than-life pitcher heroically stole the show in a Game Seven finale! $26.95

pcbb1964 1964 Season  1964 had terrific pennant races in both leagues:  NL - Philadelphia held a surprising lead late into summer, but couldn't stave off hard-charging St. Louis; AL - New York won its 5th pennant in a row, squeaking by Chicago and Baltimore.  St. Louis triumphs over New York, with many Hall-of-Famers to-be in action! $26.95

pcbb1963 1963 Season
The Bronx's long-running dynasty began showing signs of wear and tear on their way to yet another fall classic.  They were overwhelmed in four straight by their longtime NL rivals, who now called the west coast home.  One of the game's all time great lefties dominated during the season and in the Series, bringing joy to new fans in LA and old ones in Brooklyn.

pcbb1962 1962 Season 
The NL expands to 10 teams, including a 'less than Amazin' debut for a new club in the Big Apple. The NL pennant race is spectacular, with LA and SF needing a best-of-3 playoff to decide things.  In the AL, it was "business as usual" for the Bronx Bombers, but San Francisco took them to the very last out of a seven game Fall Classic.

pcbb1961 1961 Season  Sixty-one in '61! A new single-season HR record (with an asterisk) was just part of the story this season. Big league baseball's first major expansion saw two brand-new AL teams in Los Angeles and Washington, DC (with the existing DC franchise moving to the Twin Cities). Led by the M&M Boys and their chase of the Babe, NY's Bronx Bombers won 109 games before beating up the NL's oldest entry from Cincinnati in a brief five game Fall Classic. $26.95

pcbb1960 1960 Season  A watershed season in baseball history!  The last of the 16-team MLB setup before expansion, this was also the last season in the Bronx for an iconic manager and the last hurrah for perhaps the game's best hitter, who went out in style. It was also the first and only World Series Game 7 ended by a homerun! $26.95

pcbb1959 1959 Season Two surprise winners outlasted the competition in their respective leagues in classic pennant chases.  The fall series pitted the "Go-Go Sox" against the transplanted Bums, and it was the latter who prevailed in six games, bringing the first world championship to the west coast. $26.95

pcbb1958 1958 Season  The "capitol of baseball" was down to one home team, the Yankees, as the Dodgers and Giants moved west to sunny California. Over 78,000 fans welcomed the two teams in the season opener in the vast LA Coliseum.  Back in NY, the Bronx Bombers avenged their previous season's loss to NL champs Milwaukee with a 7-game Series victory to regain the title, overcoming a 3 games to 1 deficit. $26.95

pcbb1957 1957 Season Replay our newest season from baseball's Golden Era!  A number of iconic Hall of Famers-to-be were in their prime and others were just beginning their illustrious big league careers in '57.  One of baseball history's most famous fall classics served as the foamy head on a tasty baseball brew, as Milwaukee upset the Big Apple's cart with an improbable 7-game victory by way of masterful clutch pitching. $26.95

pcbb1956 1956 Season A first-time-ever Replay full season from baseball's golden age!  With plenty of Hall of Famers in action at bat and on the mound, this set is sure to stoke the imagination of any Replay fan who replays it! $26.95

pcbb1955 1955 Season "Next year" finally comes to fans in Brooklyn as they topple their nemesis from the Bronx and win a world championship!  Many future Hall of Famers grace baseball's diamonds in this season from the game's Golden Age. 

pcbb1954 1954 Season
Cleveland's 111 win season outpaced New York's defending champs' 103 wins to take the AL, but it was the rival league's New York club with the last word: "Say hey!"  This season is chock-full of icons and Hall of Famers at their peak, at the plate, on the mound, and in the field. 

pcbb1953 1953 Season
The Boys in the Bronx roll on, strong in all phases without any single superstar season, while the Boys of Summer load up for a WS rematch with a 105-win regular season.


pcbb1952 1952 Season
The Bronx Bombers go for four championships in a row, while Brooklyn takes aim at that elusive first title.




pcbb1951 1951 Season
New York was the capital of baseball, as the AL defending champs bested a tough Cleveland squad and the two NL rivals competed fiercely, down to a 3 game series to end it!


pcbb1950 1950 Season Philly's "Whiz Kids" surprised everyone by winning the NL pennant in dramatic fashion over favored rival Brooklyn.  In the AL, a dynastic New York club outlasted challenges from Detroit, Boston and Cleveland.  The Bombers swept the Series in four taut games. $26.95


pcbb4050 Diamond Decades 1940s-50s
The newest in Replay's Diamond Decades series features 18 memorable teams and many all-time greats (some with their first-ever Replay cards) from a golden age of baseball!  (See the DD 1940s/50s Yearbook description for the list of included teams.)

pcbb1949 1949 Season
Baseball's golden era at its best, with two tight pennant chases and many future Hall of Famers in action throughout both leagues.  A summer to remember...and replay!

pcbb1948 1948 Season -  A year after Jackie Robinson's historic rookie season, the AL joined the NL in beginning the slow process of integration, and featured an exciting pennant race with three teams in contention to the season's final days.  Even then it took a one game playoff between Boston and Cleveland to decide the pennant.  In the NL, Boston's other big league entry had a more convincing championship.  In the fall classic, it was Cleveland's tribe winning in six games, their last championship to date. $26.95

pcbb1947 1947 Season NEW
A watershed season for major league baseball!
thru 7/21

pcbb1944 1944 Season
Replay's first look at a World War II era season

pcbb1941 1941 Season - A year that lives in infamy for its war roots also lives in baseball lore. One of the game's most iconic seasons saw its last(?) .400 hitting season, an unbreakable 56 game hitting streak, and another dominant performance from its most iconic franchise. Many MLB players' careers peaked this year prior to heading off to war.  Relive history with Replay's 1941 Baseball Season! $26.95

pcbb1938 1938 Season
In the AL, the Bronx Bombers continued to cement their legend with a dominant season, but in the NL, the pennant was less certain, with four teams within shouting distance and Chicago on top.  This Replay edition also includes a twist, with the addition of the Kansas City Monarchs and Homestead Grays, two teams atop the two major Negro leagues in that era.

pcbb1934 1934 Season
Both New York clubs were overtaken by solid teams in Detroit and St. Louis, the latter finishing with a flourish to win the NL, than another come-from behind win the Fall Classic.  It was big year for the stars, as the Iron Horse won the AL batting Triple Crown, and St. Louis's pitching ace had a Dizzying 30 regular season wins plus the WS clincher.

pcbb1930 1930 Season - Sharpen your scoring pencil and get ready for some historic offense!  As the Great Depression set in throughout the country, baseball responded with a livelier ball - the entire National League managed to hit over .300!  The rival AL hit "only" .288, but Connie Mack's Philadelphia squad defended their championship against a veteran St. Louis squad. $26.95

pcbb1928 1928 Season - Two exciting pennant races and many of baseball's most legendary players in action make this a must-Replay season! New York's dynasty outlasted an up and coming Philly club in the AL, while St. Louis fought off challenges from New York and Chicago to take the NL. In the Series, the Bronx Bombers rolled in a four game sweep. Note: This season's built-in transactions when using Real Transactions are limited to major in-season player moves.  $26.95


Diamond Decades 1920s-1930s
Replay resurrects on your tabletop greats like Babe Ruth and Ted Williams in this lively era of "hit 'em where they ain't" baseball!  Eighteen teams in all!



1923 Negro National League
A groundbreaking product!  The first tabletop baseball recreation of a full Negro League season.  Meticulously researched, this yearbook brings to life all of the great Negro League ball players and teams from Rube Foster's 1923 Negro National League, including the league champion Kansas City Monarchs, led by pitching and hitting star Bullet Rogan (who led the league in wins and also hit .364), league Triple Crown winner Heavy Johnson (.406, 20 HR, 120 RBI) and SS extraordinaire Dobie Moore.  Includes ballparks too! 


pcbb1908 1908 Season
The Replay time machine transports you back to join in with Replay's first full-season look at deadball baseball!  Replay two of baseball's most famous pennant races (one in each league)!

pcbbdd Diamond Decades:
The Deadball Decades

This yearbook includes 16 of the most famous teams from the early years of 'base ball' from 1900-1919, when strategies like the bunt, the steal and the hit-and-run were in use as in no other time in history!  See the printed Deadball Yearbook description page for more details and included teams.

pcbbmm Memorable Matchups Replay some of baseball's most storied matchups among 18 powerful teams from history!
1975 Boston
1975 Cincinnati
1972 Oakland
1972 Cincinnati
1969 Baltimore
1969 New York (N)
1965 Minnesota
1965 Los Angeles
1960 New York (A)
1960 Pittsburgh
1956 New York (A)
1956 Brooklyn
1934 Detroit
1934 St. Louis (N)
1927 New York (A)
1927 Pittsburgh
1923 Kansas City (NNL)
1923 Hilldale (ECL)

pcbbmm2 Memorable Matchups Vol. 2 Another set of 18 powerful teams from famous fall classic  series!
1941 New York (A)
1941 Brooklyn
1957 New York (A)
1957 Milwaukee
1961 New York (A)
1961 Cincinnati
1966 Baltimore
1966 Los Angeles
1968 Detroit
1968 St. Louis
1985 Kansas City
1985 St. Louis
2009 New York (A)
2009 Philadelphia
2010 Texas
2010 San Francisco
2013 Boston
2013 St. Louis

pcbbmm3 Memorable Matchups Vol. 3 Another set of 18 powerful teams from famous fall classic  series!
1955 New York (A)
1955 Brooklyn
1962 New York (A)
1962 San Francisco
1978 New York (A)
1978 Los Angeles
1993 Toronto
1993 Philadelphia
1994 New York (A)
1994 Montreal
2001 New York (A)
2001 Arizona
2004 Boston
2004 St. Louis
2011 Texas
2011 St. Louis
2014 Kansas City
2014 San Francisco

pcbbmm4 Memorable Matchups Vol. 4 Another set of 18 powerful teams from famous fall classic  series!
1948 Cleveland
1948 Boston (N)
1950 New York (A)
1950 Philadelphia (N)
1959 Chicago (A)
1959 Los Angeles
1970 Baltimore
1970 Cincinnati
1976 New York (A)
1976 Cincinnati
1979 Baltimore
1979 Pittsburgh
1999 New York (A)
1999 Atlanta
2015 Kansas City
2015 New York (N)
2016 Cleveland
2016 Chicago (N)

pcbbmm5 Memorable Matchups Vol. 5
Another set of 18 powerful teams!
1928 New York (A)
1928 St. Louis
1930 Philadelphia (A)
1930 St. Louis
1958 New York (A)
1958 Milwaukee
1963 New York (A)
1963 Los Angeles
1967 Boston
1967 St. Louis
1973 Oakland
1973 New York (N)
1980 Kansas City
1980 Philadelphia
2000 New York (A)
2000 New York (N)
2017 Houston
2017 Los Angeles (N)


pcbbmm6 Memorable Matchups Vol. 6
18 more powerful teams!
1944 St. Louis (A)
1944 St. Louis (N)
1951 New York (A)
1951 New York (N)
1954 Cleveland
1954 New York (N)
1974 Oakland
1974 Los Angeles
1977 New York (A)
1977 Los Angeles (N)
1990 Oakland
1990 Cincinnati
1995 Cleveland
1995 Atlanta
2018 Boston
2018 Los Angeles
2019 Houston
2019 Washington

pcbbmm7 Memorable Matchups Vol. 7
Our latest set of 18 powerful teams!
1938 Homestead
1938 Kansas City
1938 New York (A)
1938 Chicago (N)
1949 New York (A)
1949 Brooklyn
1953 New York (A)
1953 Brooklyn
1982 Milwaukee
1982 St. Louis
1986 Boston
1986 New York (N)
1998 New York (A)
1998 San Diego
2022 Houston
2022 Philadelphia
2023 Texas
2023 Arizona

All prices are subject to change without notice.



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