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And now for something
in PC baseball...

Version 4.6
PC Replay Baseball!

PC Replay Baseball brings
all the fun and action
from the Replay Baseball
tabletop to your PC.
PC Replay Baseball IS
Replay Baseball!


PC Replay Baseball is the "missing link" to connect Replay Baseball board gamers to the 21st century!   Designer Richard Hanna has recreated all the familiar features of our board game for play on your personal computer, from player cards to dice to chart book and rare play results.  It plays just like the board game!  BUT... with the power of your PC, this game does so much more!

We've designed PC Replay Baseball to be the most FLEXIBLE game around.  You can play the game as a straight-up PC game, managing both teams yourself or letting the computer manage your opponent.  Or watch as the computer handles both teams.  And with Replay Network simulcast, you can even follow several games at once in real time, checking in on each game at any point in the action.

Wait... there's still more!  You can also choose from several options to keep your board game experience in play, from rolling real dice and entering the results, to playing the game with cards and dice while letting the game serve as your personal statistician, to playing the board game away from your PC and entering all stats later into the program.  The choices are yours with PC Replay Baseball!


View sample screen shots

You MUST have Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Client Profile
installed on your computer to run PC Replay Version 4.6.  More info...

<<Click here for download instructions and your Free Test Drive!  Please download BEFORE you buy! The registration process requires that you have the game installed on your computer before we are able to generate your registration code.

We recommend you try the PC Replay Baseball Game FREE before buying!  Game demo comes with 2014 Season sample active thru 20% of that season.  You'll be able to reset the season to play and test features an unlimited number of times, but you'll be limited to about 20% of the season schedule.


PC Replay Baseball Game V4.6


Includes a season of your choice.

Please download your game at the
PC BB Download
page BEFORE you buy.  (The registration process requires that you have the game installed on your computer before we are able to generate your registration code.)  Try it FREE System requirements

Only when you have the game installed on your computer can we then send you the season of your choice and its registration code.
send us an e-mail to let us know which season you would like with your game.

Getting Help with the Game
Replay Baseball Game Intro

NOTE: Because we provide you with a free demo to evaluate the game and to ensure that the program runs successfully  on your system, no refund can be made after the game and/or season(s) are purchased.
Screen Shots
NOTE: Some screen shots below are displayed with user-supplied images.
Photos, logos and park images are not supplied with the game.

(Click pictures for larger images.)   

The PC Replay Baseball game plays just like the
Replay Baseball board game!

  • All official game rules and options have been included, so you can play the PC game using your favorite options from the board game.

  • The current Play Board and full Rare Play Book are built into the game and you’ll see the same results as if playing the board game.

  • We include both 6x6 and 1x6 (tall) pitcher cards to play either way, as in the board game (including a unique new "hybrid" style of play that displays the familiar Tall Pitcher Cards behind the Batter Cards, but the pitcher's grade changes with the roll of the blue die (with the 6x6 card ratings in background mode).  This option, only possible with a PC, combines the simplicity of using the tall pitcher cards with the added precision and variety of outcomes of the expanded 6x6 pitcher grades!


When you play the game on your PC or laptop, you'll...

  • See the batter and pitcher cards on the screen.

  • "Roll" the dice on the screen.

  • See the Play Board results on the screen, including any additional results (Bunt Charts, Third Base Coach Charts, Action Charts, etc.) when needed.

  • See the ‘Replay-style’ Line-up Cards and Ballpark Cards on the screen.


Flexible options to play the PC game:

• Play solitaire, making decisions for both teams, as in our board game.

• Play solitaire, making decisions for one team while the PC game manages your opponent.

• Allow the PC game to manage both teams while you watch the action.
Just hit the "play" button and watch the game unfold!

As you play at the PC, all pertinent stats are tracked, so that after the game you'll have a complete box score and player stats.


In-game substitutions are a snap!  Pop-up screens provide all the pertinent info you'll need to make decisions.

• To choose a reliever, click the pitcher spot on the field.  Up pops a window that shows your available pitchers, and you can also check their usage over previous games and upcoming starts- at a glance.

Clicking on any potential reliever will place his card in the pitcher's spot so you can see if he's the right man for the job, before bringing him in!


To choose a pinch-hitter, click the batter spot on the field.  Up pops a window that shows your available bench players, their main stats and their replay usage to date.

Clicking on any potential pinch hitter will place his card in the batter's spot so you can see if he's your best choice, before putting him in the game!




Plays will play out logically, just as if rolling the dice!

Here’s a view of a play using the ballpark effects option.

Beyond playing the game straight-up on your screen, we also include these flexible options to let you enjoy the game in any way you choose:

• If you want the tactile feel of 'rolling the bones', you can roll real dice on your tabletop and easily enter each dice roll into the program with a few key strokes, then watch the action unfold!



You can play the board game as usual with your cards and dice at your PC, and use the PC game as your personal statistician!  We've built in a simple-to-use play scoring system so you can roll the dice, look up the charts manually and key in the play results (or key in the play-by-play later, after manually rolling the game).

• With this option, the PC game compiles all your stats (and even play by play) while you enjoy the board game as always!




You can play the board game away from the PC  by using the PC game to set your pre-game lineups and print out a pre-filled Replay-style scoresheet, complete with players and ratings (a great time-saver)!  After you play the game, you can come back to the PC to manually enter the box score (including fielding stats, if you track them).  The program then updates all your players' stats after each game!  You can even do this for a series of games, first printing out your pre-filled scoresheets, playing the games, then coming back to the PC to enter player stats and game summaries for a series of games.

No matter how you choose to play or enter your stats, you’ll have access to powerful and sortable statistical reports!

Each season has its own screens for many statistical categories, so you can click through the season screens and check standings, league leader boards, and many team and player stats...





Each team has its own section of stats within each season,
organized for super-easy viewing so you can click through the team screens and check each team’s current roster, leaders, player usage, and many batting, pitching and fielding stats...





Playing a casual game or series couldn't be simpler,
with a one-screen exhibition setup which allows for playing a game or series between any two teams in your collection with a few quick clicks.




The  easy-to-read schedule screen shows you the day's games, so you can decide which games you'd like to play or manually score, or autoplay, or simulcast...





If you're looking for a more open-ended "what if" replay, you can now allow the computer (and luck!) to determine injuries and make roster moves automatically, instead of using real-life lineups and transactions.  In this mode, you set the roster size limits before starting the replay and the computer follows these guidelines for the season.  You can still control one or more teams' roster moves, deciding call-ups and roster moves on the fly, in response to injuries.



Replay Network and Game Simulcast

•   Play a day’s games simultaneously...now with batter to batter updating!

•   Replay Network scoreboard shows scores from all games during play

•  Switch between games at  any time, taking control if desired!

•   Pause games to view/play after current game is completed

•   Replay Radio calls the game switch

Before beginning a day's games, you can select this option, which will display scores of the rest of the day's games while you're playing a particular game.  At any point in the current game, you can click on any out-of-town score to "check in" on that game!  The new game will appear on screen and you can begin to roll the dice and play as though you had been at that park all along.  See another game elsewhere on the board that looks like it's at a tense moment?  Just click on that score, and you'll be instantly transported there!


Replay Daily Keeps You in the Loop

The Replay Daily provides a daily summary on screen- a daily version of the weekly Replay Roundup!  Whenever you first load an ongoing season, this will be the first page on screen, so you can see at a glance where your replay left off last time you played that season.

•  View standings, key stats and highlights on any day of your replay

•  Report is  the default opening screen after loading a season


Adjustable Player Usage

For gamers who like to create their own what-if scenarios, this optional screen available from each team's main screen allows the gamer to alter playing time parameters from actual. 

•  Adjust the usage of players on team on new usage screen.  Trade for a starter mid-season?  You can now control how often he pitches for the remainder of the season

Manager Profile Instructions

This area has been further enhanced to allow Replay managers (including draft league managers) to set many different aspects of player usage and in-game strategy for their teams from each team's screen.  This is a big step toward easy and very customizable road instructions for league players.

•  Individual player instructions for in-game strategy and substitution usage


Easy to Use
League Management Tools

This area is specifically meant to make a league commish's job much easier!  (As well as simplifying the "paperwork" for all league players!)

•  Automatically e-mail manager profiles to other league members or league commissioner from within the program

•  Commissioner can automatically e-mail all manager profiles, trades and updated contact information

•  Import profiles or commissioner files and the season will update automatically

•  Season can be password protected

•  Specify where profiles are imported from and exported to


Help when you need it!

As intuitive as PC Replay Baseball is, you may still occasionally need a little help with a feature...so the game includes many help screens, each with help on a specific area of the game, so you're always a quick click away from an answer!



Do you feel a draft?

PC Replay Baseball's innovative, flexible draft season feature allows you to dream up and create all sorts of fantasy teams.  Start by creating draft pools of players from any full season you own...or a range of seasons....or all players from a single franchise across several seasons...the possibilities are endless!


Pre-draft setup screen

After creating your pool, begin your draft by setting parameters such as straight draft order vs. serpentine draft, and draft rank order.


Start drafting!

As each team is on the board, you have easy access to quick pertinent stats for each player at each position to help guide your decision...or you can turn over the decision to the game's built-in AI to make picks for some or all teams!


Last but certainly not least,
several cool features included throughout the game:

•  Simple one-code registration process for all seasons
This makes installing on a new PC or installing new seasons much easier than ever!

• Quick-Score play mode prints scorecard directly from schedule screen for use when playing the board game

• As Scheduled schedules included for all seasons-
including importable templates for newly-created seasons!
This requested feature allows you to play the original "as scheduled" schedule for all available seasons,
or to plug an actual real-life schedule into your created league to easily set up a season.

•  Wild card games behind optionally displayed on standings display

•  Optional "pips" dice display during game instead of numbers
Our playtesters liked this one a lot!  With this setting, you'll absolutely feel like you're playing the board game!

•  Ability to refresh a season (reset + automatic re-import of games)
Having troubles with a season acting up? This handy reset solves many issues without having to e-mail tech support!

...And much, much more!


System Requirements

Windows 7, 8,8.1 or 10
• Windows Vista • Windows XP (SP3)

Microsoft Net Framework V4 installed

Hard drive space
150MB for game
~200MB for each completed season
~700MB+ for all mods
(photos, parks, logos)


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