Diamond Decades
1940s & 1950s Yearbook

This edition of Replay's Diamond Decades series features these 18 memorable teams and many all-time greats (some with their first-ever Replay cards) from a golden age of baseball!

1940 Detroit
1941 New York
1944 St. Louis
1945 Washington
1946 Boston
1948 Cleveland
1953 New York
1954 Cleveland
1959 Chicago
1940 Cincinnati
1941 Brooklyn
1942 St. Louis
1945 Chicago
1948 Boston
1950 Philadelphia
1954 New York
1955 Brooklyn
1957 Milwaukee

Note:  Also available with Classic style Tall Pitcher Cards.  Please note in the message blank of your order if you want Tall Pitchers instead of regular pitchers.  (Tall pitchers on perforated stock, batters on pre-cut cards.)





"Ready-to-Roll" Yearbooks

Companion products to the Replay Baseball Game, the yearbooks are your ticket to relive some of baseballís best moments! Each yearbook contains player ratings on pre-cut color cards, typically every hitter with at least 30 AB and every pitcher with at least 20 IP. We also include a rundown of the standings and league leaders, and complete team and individual stats for each club.

Note: You need the game to interpret the player ratings in these yearbooks.


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