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Here's what PC Replay Baseball fans are saying...


"I could go on and on with praise.  Bottom line is that this is incredibly fun and easy to play, and rewards me with great statistical accuracy while still giving me that feeling of playing the game on my tabletop just as I've done for decades! I love it!"

"When I play a PC baseball game, it isn't long before I go scrambling back to cards and dice. With the Replay PC Baseball game, I didn't feel like I was missing something. The game isn't a click-fest. It's exactly like playing on your tabletop. While manual entry scorekeeping takes some getting used to, you can seamlessly combine cards and dice games and PC play to more quickly get through the dog days and get to the late season pennant races. This game is a home run!"

"Very realistic and accurate, and incredibly fun!"

“If there is one PC game which would take me away from rolling dice, this is the one.”

"You people that form the Replay team are great and it's one of the things that make your games great as well!"

"Just played a few games in the early going. Arizona beat Cincinnati 7-3 and the Bucs lost 11-3 to Atlanta. The first time I've ever played a computer game. Congratulations, Pete and Richard! This is a gem!"
"I have to say this is an amazing game Pete and Richard. Good work fella's:)"
"It's beauuuuuuutiful!"
"The game is so user friendly...I find it incredibly simple to navigate and get to where I need to go. KUDOS REPLAY!"
"I couldn't ask for anything more. Nothing is perfect but this is as close to perfect as you can get. I have to pry myself away from the computer."
"This is a fantastic product…. It is the gold standard against which all other boards-to-PC games should be measured."
"I've been following your game for quite a few years on the forum and waiting for the pc version as I purchased the board game about 5 years ago and have enjoyed it. I started playing ____ in 1969 and then went to ____ in the late 70's, all very good games. I also play ___ and ___. I must say after playing the demo version for the past couple of days I just can't stop playing. It gives me such a feel of baseball like no other game. I just want to congratulate you on a great product."
"I have played Replay since 2006 and between my own replay projects and reading others, I knew Replay was statistically accurate. Having said that, I am blown away by the accuracy demonstrated through the autoplay results. I have autoplayed the demo several times now up until it stops and looked at the league averages and individual averages and they are SPOT on. It's neat to be able to look at all the numbers!"
"The interaction between pitcher and batter cards along with all of the charts, ballpark, arm, fielding ratings etc. make the game come alive. It feels exactly like playing a tabletop game except it's on the computer."
"Gamers of the dice and cards version of Replay will be more than thrilled with this PC version!"
"What is amazing is that through playtesting the seasons over and over, they are incredibly accurate! That is simply amazing considering that the basic formulas and game design was done back in the early 70's (maybe even before) without the aide of a computer to auto-sim season to test them. Even the adjustments Pete has made were not tested this way. Kudos to Norm, John, Pete, Mark and anyone else involved in it!"
This is a really fun game.... Been enjoying the demo quite a bit.  You hit another one out of the park, Pete. Congrats."
"A fantastic job of programming by Richard of Pete's game showing so much. (And once you have learned it then you can switch on and off many features of the game once you understand the system and have read the manual thoroughly.)  With Al's add on packs installed the game comes even more alive with the sounds and content so DO install them as well. The voice calling and background sounds also bring it very much alive as though you are there and I especially like the larger photos of the players involved coming up in the action / pbp area."

"Have completed my first ever game of Replay Baseball. And have to say I am hooked on the game itself and a superb PC Baseball game as well.  Well done to Pete, Richard, and Al (and the playtesters) for bringing this to life."

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