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PC Replay Baseball Encyclopedia
Please note: You must already own the PC game
to open the Encyclopedia or to try the FREE demo.

One of the real joys of tabletop and computer games is seeing players and teams compile their stats during a replay, as your season takes on a life of its own.  It's fun to follow the stats in the big picture, in the context of a full season.  And of course, with PC Replay, the computer takes care of all the work of compiling stats - just relax and enjoy the results!

Designer Richard Hanna has taken this a huge step further with our new PC Replay Baseball Encyclopedia!  Now you can follow your players and teams in the BIG picture, effortlessly building stunningly detailed records spanning any swath of time.  Just plug your completed seasons into the Replay Encyclopedia and it does all the work for you, opening up a treasure trove of details on players' and teams' (and even managers') performances in your replays.

With the power of the Encyclopedia, at a glance you'll be able to view your season and lifetime leaders in a wide array of stats categories.  Who's your lifetime leader in batting average?  Home runs?  Steals?  Pitching wins?  Which franchise has the most victories (or losses?!)  Who are the pitchers who have tossed no-hitters in your replays?  All of these questions...and SO many more...can be answered in seconds with a few clicks inside your PC Replay Encyclopedia!

Like those great baseball encyclopedias we grew up with, the PC Replay Baseball Encyclopedia will provide endless hours of enjoyment as you peruse its electronic pages of history...a history that YOU created in your replays!

Screen Shots
NOTE:  Some screen shots may be displayed with user-supplied images.
Photos, logos and park images are not supplied with the game.

These screen shots are just a warmup!
The  current update includes a
FREE demo for game owners.

Why sit on the bench?  Try it out!

(Click pictures for larger images.)   

Like any good baseball encyclopedia, everything starts with the table of contents...

View franchise, player and manager records across any span of seasons you include in each volume.

For players, you can see their career totals to date as well as season stats...in batting, pitching AND fielding!

Highlights?  We've got highlights!  The powerful PC Replay Encyclopedia will show you the most memorable game highlights from your replays...even ones you may have missed!


How have your teams done?

  See detailed info on each franchise in your replays...the biggest winners AND losers!

  The encyclopedia will even show you combined overall franchise records for any franchises who have moved during that span of seasons.

Take a closer look at your favorite teams...

Each franchise has an easy-to-use summary page, which shows you how how the team has done year-by-year.

This page lets you quickly and easily jump to detailed views of everyone who played for that franchise...over their careers there or season-by-season!


Check out your career leaders!

View players' stats in a wide variety of areas at a glance.  Clicking on any player will instantly call up his individual  page.


How'd your favorite player do?

Each player's summary page lets you see his overall batting and fielding stats, and lets you click to detailed season-by-season data...including splits!!!


How about your favorite pitcher?

Each pitcher's summary page lets you see his overall pitching, batting and fielding stats, and lets you click to detailed season-by-season data... including splits!!!



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