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Mark Miller's

Mark Miller, avid and dedicated Replay gamer and programmer, presents this clearing house for all things Replay.  In it, he has everything - and do we mean everything - a Replay gamer could want in order to enhance his or her Replay game experience!  If you have any questions, feel free to email Mark.

How to Read A Replay Card

White Chart Book Add On Sheet

BF ratings for older seasons - if you'd like to use batter's faced ratings as opposed to the S & R ratings of older sets, this file is for you!
Fast Tab Stat Sheets

Replay History Spreadsheet

Injury Add On System

162 Rare Play Baseball Charts - adapted from Retrosheet, use this rare play sheet in place of, or in addition to, the rare play book.  Just set your own rules of usage as it was written to be used with most any tabletop baseball game.
Analysis of George Brett's 1980 Replay Card (.390 BA) - check out what the experts think about this card and how it will perform in a seasonal replay of 1980.
Automated 6x6 expander:  Created by Mark Miller (who gets by with a little help from his friends on this one).  Formats 12 cards at a time.

MLB Transaction Database (through 1998) - Use this file to reference transactions within your replays.  A nice tool.
Schedule for Minor League Greats Set - 154-game schedule, formatted in Excel, for use in a "complete season" replay using this fun set.
1954 NL As Played Schedule - from Thomas Mink.  listed with each team's actual starters.


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