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We love hearing from Replay gamers!  Here's a sampling of comments we have received about Replay Basketball...


Mickey Games "Fastbreak" has always been the standard by which I compare other basketball games to. I think you have raised the bar."

"Got my copy of the game today, and I am virtually speechless at the quality of the components and the detail of the game!!!!  I'm working my way through the rules and will probably start separating cards later this evening.  GREAT JOB, PETE AND DAVE!!!!"

"So far, what I see is quite impressive, It already feels like the very same elements and features of the baseball game that make it so darn addictive have center court in this one! We fans have a real keeper here!"

"Basketball arrived here in Wisconsin today as well! Looks great, Pete & Dave. Another great product from Replay Games."

I got the basketball game a couple months ago (with all-time greatest teams) and am absolutely thrilled with it, (and thrilled is an understatement)!  I gotta say Replay Hoops blows _____ away!

"Replay Basketball is without a doubt a column 5 A rating with a blue die going straight to the fan.  I adore _____ like nobody's business, but this game blows _____ out the door and down the street."

"The game really is fun and you've hit the same nerve as the baseball game: it just feels like basketball."

"In creating Replay Basketball you have just enhanced the legend that is Replay.  I recently sold my ____ game in anticipation of the release of Replay BB, but I don't regret my decision one iota now. Replay Basketball is THE basketball game for me."

"I've said it once before and I will say it again, to Dave and Pete and Replay Basketball, in the words (word) of Marv Albert-YESSSS!"

"The Replay Basketball game is a truly awesome design. About this game I can confidently say that its all in there. I am amazed at how it flows, and how the timing is there but you don't have to work at keeping track of it. I've been playing it and its late and I'm groggy from all the fun I was having with it. For those who haven't ordered it yet, you should, even if you are not big basketball fans."

"It's not often I'm rendered speechless--but when my basketball game arrived yesterday, I could only sit and stare at it. I have no doubt that it will uphold Replay's excellent reputation for accuracy, ease of play, etc.; but it's just so beautiful to look at. You guys have done one helluva job with this. You should be proud!"

"The flow of this game and the playability is the finest I have ever seen in a basketball board game. And that rare play chart is incredible. This one is a definite keeper."


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