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Replay Baseball...

...A blend of fast play, detail
and, above all, the feel
of real baseball!


Since 1973, Replay's
host of loyal fans
have enjoyed Replay
Baseball for its special
qualities:  its unique
system of interaction
between offense and
defense, and its blend
of fast play and detail.

Replay Baseball feels
like real baseball!


Our new version of this classic game takes Replay to a whole new level!  We’ve kept the game’s easy-playing design, but created a few enhancements... like more detailed pitcher and fielder ratings and ballpark effects.  These changes have brought even more realism to the game, and it's just as playable as it always was!  Put yourself in the manager's shoes and test your long-ball hitters against the opposing team's control pitcher.  Watch your star right fielder pick off the other team's speedster as he tries for second on a long single.  Or decide whether to stick with your closer with the bases loaded and nobody out in the bottom of the ninth.  Will the opposing team bring in their top pinch-hitter?  Will it be a historic game-ending triple play, or a grand slam?  Roll the dice and see....

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Replay Baseball Game

Replay Baseball Game Parts Only


Replay Baseball comes in a game storage box and includes all components needed to play: A color-coded foldout Play Board set which includes all charts, a Rare Plays and Rules booklet; three dice (red, white and blue); playing field and base-runner markers; five score sheets. The rules and charts contained in the game form the basis for Replay’s exclusive player ratings system reflected in each season's yearbook ratings. 

Comes with the final 9 playoff teams from the most recent available season OR
one historical Top 9 set

Please e-mail us with your choice of 9 team set when you order

Special price for game parts only
when purchased at the same time
as any in-stock printed Baseball Yearbook

*Top 9 teams not included


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