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We love hearing from Replay gamers!  Here's a sampling of comments we have received about Replay Baseball...


"TODAY I received the 1964 set and I have lots of compliments. The data is easy to read, and playing one game showed me why Replay caught my eye some years ago. Most games get nuts with accurate stat reproduction, but your game is a healthy balance of good stats with a readable, fun to play with card. The laminated booklet and color codes help tired eyes like mine find the results.  You take a great amount of pride in your work. It shows in your product, and customer support. I also picked up a 1967 set this week. It too is very nice. I also compliment you on the packaging of the Yearbook, and fast turn around of the order. The world gets better when you watch a game unfold in front of you.  Thanks for this product and for your 110% effort to produce what the customer wants."

"I have played the majority of the games available through the last 37 years or so, and Replay has become my game of preference. For me, it's the fact that when you roll a game of Replay, it feels like real baseball....as if you were witnessing a game in person. I could never say that with any other game."


I wanted to tell you that I received the 1908 Yearbook on Monday.  I was extremely impressed by the quality, the materials and helpful articles you include, the quality of the printing and the player cards and basically all I can say is...... WOW!  I am very excited to jump in and enjoy recreating the 1908 season. With everything you include you should advertise saying the game player will be able to feel like he is actually back in 1908 and that this is more of a re-creation than just a method to Replay that season. Congrats to you on a "more than worth the price" product.

"I've been a "Replayer" for only 3 months. First the baseball game back in June 06, then just this month I purchased Second Season. I am 100% out of my mind with these games. They don't take weeks to learn (minutes). Yet they are so detail orientated. Simplicity with accuracy - what a concept. That in itself is enough to make me a life customer. But it is the sense of community that really blows me away. You and your people have created the most user friendly gaming atmosphere that I have ever seen. I've always felt alone in the gaming world. I feel like I'm finally home. You'll never know the joy this all has given me. I've met some great folks here and made some great friends. I'm looking forward to a long relationship with the world of Replay."

"I've played them all, and for the greatest combination of realism and fun, Replay wins!"

"Looking at the package...you can tell it's a gamer producing something for gamers from the attention to detail…."

"[Replay] is not middle of the road though. [It] simply is the BEST - HANDS DOWN when it comes to customer service! So there isn't going to be any waiting around for an order or a response like there is with some 'other' companies."

"Overall I would say it's the best tabletop sports game I have ever played!"

“I’ve played about 70 games of Replay in the month or so that I have owned the game. Had tense pitching duels, slugfests, blowouts, and everything in between. Without a doubt, Replay Baseball is the finest baseball simulation I have ever played. Period.”

"I can't say Replay has changed my life, but it has improved the quality of it! And I can't think of a better gift you can give another person."

"Customer Service ... [Replay] is, quite literally, second-to-none in this area. ...the folks in Ohiopyle have always delivered in a timely and efficient manner. A Great Game Engine ... I've played every sim you can think of over the past 25 years. None, and I mean none, come close to the engine that Replay has. Quality ... The annual yearbooks are more than just the player cards, they are a treasure trove of information about the season you're about to play. The 1923 NNL yearbook, for example, is touted as not just a great card set, but one of the greatest historic documents, as well."

"Quite simply all other games are just mere diversions from Replay. I have: ____, _____, _____, _____, and _____. It's tragic and it's sad to say but I can never get in the full mood of any of them. _____ and _____ I will play for a while (2-5 games) but it's just a diversion to get me away from Replay. I then come back and play 50 games of Replay within a week to two weeks. It's sick and I think I have Replay disease."

“I have played all the major sims, even designed three of my own, but I have never played a sim that has the depth and variety of detail that Replay possesses.”

“Replay Baseball, and its cousin, Replay Basketball, sit on the top shelf in my gaming area now.  It's a lofty height, to be sure, in my gaming closet, formerly occupied by the first sim I ever owned, _____ knocked from its perch after a 24-year run at Number 1.”

“I congratulate you on terrific customer service, and for bringing us a very cool game to play, and loads of terrific yearbooks to enjoy.”

“How can you beat this for service?  I ordered 2003 on Sunday.  It's waiting for me on my dining room table on Wednesday. Thanks and great job, Replay!”

“I must admit however that I am quite disappointed...with myself for not ordering years ago!!  …just looking at the contents and the whole package I realize this game is tremendous (and this company).”

"I recently purchased a copy of the game and the 1966 Season and I love it! The interaction between pitcher and batter makes it unique among the currently-produced board games…"

"I have played ____for over 30 years and recently decided to purchase Replay. It is a fabulous tabletop simulation of baseball…"

"After about 40 games, my comment on Replay is… it's great! It has a nice balance of detail, accuracy, and playability…"

"The game's components are outstanding; very nice visual quality and everything is put together very nicely. I'm looking forward to lots of games ahead!"

"The customer service provided by Replay is second to none in my opinion, and I live in the UK so have unusual issues with postage etc."

"And to echo what many people already said, [Replay's] customer service is second to no one, and the community that is here in these forums is unmatched anywhere else! My REPLAY "career" began about 3 months ago (My previous baseball game experience: ____, board game and computer game) and the realism of REPLAY has amazed me; it is far better game than anything ____ offers. More importantly, I, like you, have been won over by the way [Replay] conducts business in a personal manner. It's great to feel appreciated as a customer."

"I recently sold every ____, _____, and _____ set that I owned and I haven't regretted it yet!"

"[Replay] is a fabulous table top simulation of baseball. The game's unique interface between offense and defense is its main, although certainly not its only, advantage over all other baseball sims. Combine that with first-rate game components...and you've got a great product."

"Thank you for the very prompt service. Am very impressed by the layout and the accuracy of the ratings."

"Just wanted to add that I was pleasantly surprised with the game's appearance when I received it in the mail yesterday. The components are outstanding, very nice visual quality and everything put together very nicely."

"Your fast, courteous service is unprecedented. It's refreshing to deal with such a personable and friendly company! It reflects in the positive attitudes and good-sportsmanship of fellow Replayers online too. Keep it up!"

"Replay is the best baseball game on the market--hands down!"

"Replay, in my opinion, has great play flow. After a few games you can start to memorize the play results and you can start to see game times as low as 20 minutes. I keep track of exact fielding results (right down to the position) and I can pretty much knock off a 3-game series in about 2 hours give or take."

"I'm a 20-year _____ vet with every season and team they ever put out. I tried Replay about 2 months ago and I haven't picked _____ up since! My only questions now are which seasons to get next."

I've played _____ since 1979, and I could never figure out just what the pitchers had to do with the game. With Replay, the batter and pitcher interact on every play...just like real baseball. This game is hands down better than the rest!

"I like the pitcher and batter interaction...but I also love the defensive interaction. So many games gloss over the defensive significance of baseball, but not Replay…. I also enjoy the game's simplicity. Once you start memorizing the readings, a game can be finished in 20 minutes."


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