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How to play Replay Baseball

First, an overview...

Replay Baseball is a board game played with three 6-sided dice.  Most of the time, the dice are read as 3 digits (in order of red/white/blue); so the number pictured  would read "3-4-5." 

These dice are referred to Replay's ratings cards for pitchers and batters, and the play results are found in the Replay Chart Book to reproduce all the action of a big league baseball game.  A Replay Game can be played in just 30 minutes or less, including detailed scorekeeping. 

Replay Baseball's most unique feature is that the offense and defense ratings are combined to produce the final outcomes.  This unique interaction of pitcher and batter (or fielder and batter), in a very simple yet effective and realistic manner, is what makes Replay stand out in the crowd!


Second, let's take a look at a sample Replay batter and pitcher...

Here's 1967 Chicago pitcher Fergie Jenkins and Roberto Clemente in his hitting prime in 1967.

Third, here's a sample play sequence using the players above...

We'll use this sample of a partial page from the Play Board in our sequence.

Let's give Roberto an at bat or two.  Each at bat is decided by the roll of all three dice.  Our first roll:

The red die tells us which column to use on both the pitcher and batter card, and the page to which you should refer in the chart book.  The white die tells us how many squares to count down on the batter's card; the blue die tells us how many squares to count down on the pitcher's card.  The batters result number is then added to the pitcher's result number to resolve the play.  Using the players above, we're in column 6 and the total is 11 (8 +3), which in the chart book is a SINGLE to right field!

Let's try it again!  Your roll is:

We're still in column #6, and Clemente's result is still an 8, but Jenkins now has a 4, for a total of 12.  He's gotten the pitch up a bit, and Clemente jumps on it.  It is HIGH...It is FAR....IT IS GONE!  HOME RUN!!!!


Note:  The new pitching cards still allow the option of using the traditional Replay two-dice method to play.  Each pitcher's card contains his original-format "A" grades in row 4, in bold.

To play this way, two dice are rolled, with one die determining the column and the other die determining how many squares to count down on the batter's card, as played in the original version of the game.


Get the downloadable PDF Intro to Replay Baseball.  Includes current game rules.

It's in PDF Format, so you'll need
Adobe Acrobat Reader.



Watch Replayer Steve Tower's Replay Baseball Review on YouTube.

Steve adds a little demo for Replay newbies too!
Thanks, Steve!


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