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And now for something
in PC Basketball...


PC Replay Basketball!

PC Replay Basketball brings
all the fun and action
from the Replay Basketball
tabletop to your PC.
PC Replay Basketball IS
Replay Basketball!


PC Replay Basketball is the "missing link" to connect Replay Basketball board gamers to the 21st century!   Designer Richard Hanna has recreated all the familiar features of our board game for play on your personal computer, from player cards to dice to play cards and rare play results.  It plays just like the board game!  BUT... with the power of your PC, this game does so much more!

We've designed PC Replay Basketball to be the most FLEXIBLE game around.  You can play the game as a straight-up PC game, coaching both teams yourself or letting the computer coach your opponent.  Or watch as the computer handles both teams.  Or use the unique Replay Simulcast feature to watch the entire day's slate of games, checking in on each game any time!

Wait... there's still more!  You can also choose from several options to keep your board game experience in play, from rolling real dice and entering the results, to playing the board game away from your PC and entering all stats later into the program.  The choices are yours with PC Replay Basketball!


View sample screen shots

<<Click here for download instructions and your Free Test Drive!  Please download BEFORE you buy! The registration process requires that you have the game installed on your computer before we are able to generate your registration code.

We recommend you try the PC Replay Basketball Game FREE before buying!  Game demo comes with our most recent available season, active thru 20% of that season.  You'll be able to reset the season to play and test features an unlimited number of times, but you'll be limited to about 20% of the season schedule.


PC Replay Basketball Game V 1.0

Includes one season of your choice

Please download your game at the PCBK Download page BEFORE you buy.  (The registration process requires that you have the game installed on your computer before we are able to generate your registration code.)  Try it FREE System requirements

Only when you have the game installed on your computer can we then send you the season of your choice and its registration code. Please e-mail us your choice of season.

Getting Help with the Game

NOTE: Because we provide you with a free demo to evaluate the game and to ensure that the program runs successfully  on your system, no refund can be made after the game and/or season(s) are purchased.

Screen Shots

PLEASE NOTE: Some screen shots below are displayed with user-supplied images.
Photos, logos and arena images are not supplied with the game.

(Click pictures for larger images.)   

The PC Replay Basketball game plays just like the
Replay Basketball board game!

  • All board game rules and advanced options have been included, so you can play the PC game using your favorite options from the board game.

  • The current Play Board, Charts and full Rare Play Book are built into the game and you’ll see the same results as if playing the board game.



When you play PC Replay Basketball on your PC or laptop, you'll...

  • See each team's on-court players on the screen.

  • "Roll" the dice and "flip" the play cards on the screen.

  • See the play results on the screen in story board style, including any additional results or rare and unusual  plays when needed.


Flexible options to play the PC game:

 • Play solitaire, making decisions for both teams, as in our board game.

 • Play solitaire, making decisions for one team while the PC Game manages your opponent.

 • Allow the PC game to manage both teams while you watch the action.
Just hit the "play" button and watch the game unfold!

As you play at the PC, all pertinent stats are tracked, so that after the game you'll have a complete box score and player stats.


Any time during the game, you can check players' up-to-the-minute game stats...


PC Replay Basketball's manual scoring input option allows you to play a board game away from your PC, then enter your game's box score summary later, saving it in your PC replay!




The  easy-to-read schedule screen shows you the day's games, so you can decide which games you'd like to...

• Play manually

• Play using Replay Simulcast, so you can check in and out of several games going on simultaneously!

• Play using autoplay

• Play with the board game, then score the game afterward, by entering box score info



The Replay Daily screen gives you  all pertinent info on your replay,
in a clear, concise way.  Check the day's scores, current standings and even see who's hot right now!




Check on how your team is doing at a glance...

...by viewing the Team Summary screen



...And see who's topping the league leader boards...


View complete box scores...
...during a game, or any time afterward...



..And view complete play-by-play!
PC Replay Basketball saves every detail of every game played!




Review comprehensive team stats to follow how individual players and teams are doing compared to their real life performances throughout the season!



Last but certainly not least,
several cool features included throughout the game:

•  Simple one-code registration process for all seasons
This makes installing on a new PC or installing new seasons much easier than ever!

• Create new seasons by selecting teams from your existing seasons

• Create your own tournament using any teams from your existing seasons, or just play an exhibition game for fun between any two of your teams

•  Make trades within any season

•  Play a mid-season All Star Game!
The game will automatically set up an All Star contest with rosters from East and West, allowing you to play the game at the all star break!

...And much, much more!


System Requirements

Windows 7, 8,8.1 or 10
• Windows Vista • Windows XP (SP3)

Microsoft Net Framework V4 installed

Hard drive space
150MB for game
~200MB for each completed season
~700MB+ for all mods
(photos, parks, logos)


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