Chart Book Order
  CB1:            1973
  CB2:            1975
  CB3:            1977
  CB4:            1982
  CB5:            1986
  White:        between CB5 and CB6
  CB6:            1988
  CB7:            1989
  Current:      1998
  (Revised)    2003
  1876:            Special Chart Book
Note:    Rule changes and new ratings sometimes came out before a new updated Chart Book.  These were announced on the lineup sheets or via amendments and/or charts.  Also, some chart books have different color covers, but it appears that they have no significance, meaning a yellow CB5 is no different than a green CB5.
Column Ranges
Below is a quick list of column ranges added over the years.  Actual results have also changed over the years and that will be covered in another section.  This is meant to show the base range for each column and then when new ranges were added starting with a specific chart book.
Column 1 ranges over the years:
Column 2 ranges over the years:
Column 3 ranges over the years:
Column 4 ranges over the years:
Column 5 ranges over the years:
Column 6 ranges over the years:
Major Changes
Below is a list of the MAJOR changes to results over the years.  Please review the section on MINOR changes for the little changes made over the years.  CB6 changed so much because it went to "extra rolls" to determine the fielder and other results.  The current chart book is more in line with the CB7.

Column 1:
Column 2:
Column 3:
Column 4 Halfway:
Column 4 In:
Column 4 Back:
Column 5:
Column 6:
From Peter Ventura:
In a nutshell, the biggest changes between the older books and the '91 book (and our latest book) are: