Replay Baseball Season Set History
See History of Chart Books here and Special Cards here.)
(*) = These seasons can be played using the current chart book
( ) = These seasons can be played using the White Chart Book

Diamond Decades
Hank Aaron Tribute Set
History of Chart Books (Unofficial)


Depending on the season set you own (or are thinking of buying), you should be able to use ONE of TWO Chart Books.  Either the "WHITE" Classic Chart Book, or the "CURRENT" Chart Book.   This section identifies which season goes with which Chart Book.

White Chart Book Era

Chart Book 1 Sets (copyright 1973 - no reference to CB number)
Chart Book 2 Sets (copyright 1975 - "revised edition" on the cover)
Chart Book 3 Sets (copyright 1977 - "Chart Book 3" on the cover)
Chart Book 4 Sets (copyright 1982 - "Chart Book Four" on the cover)
Chart Book 5 Sets (copyright 1986 - "Chart Book Five" on the cover)
Current Chart Book Era--Do NOT use the WHITE chart book!
Chart Book 6 Sets (copyright 1988 - black cover - inside cover has charts)
Chart Book 7 Sets (copyright 1991 - black cover - nothing on inside cover)
Current Chart Book
Special Cards
Replay and the old Instant Replay also put out a set of Cooperstown Classics that were inserts with the Newsletter. I counted 79 of them this weekend. These all came out in the 1980's. There was also a 9 person Negro League set issued by the IR as well. Gary Plunkitt did all the ratings and John Brodak and Replay did the printing. FRAN
Also, Replay Review issued several cards/teams/sets.  I will attempt to collect this information as well.
Mark, you may want to list somewhere the newsletters that have been published dealing with Replay. I will send you some details about the 4 mentioned in this note to Al-who the editors were, what years they came out, etc.
I will check out the listing of sets and match it to the CB's and send you any info I come up with. Regards, FRAN
Hi again Mark-- On your web page, you may want to list all the Cooperstown Classics that were published by the Instant Replay newsletter in the early and mid 80's. These were configured by Gary Plunkitt, printed by John Brodak and published by Jim Pertierra, who was the editor of the IR. There were 79--I think, I will count again!!
Hall of Famers and Negro Leagues. I will count them in the next few days and let you know. The stats were based on their best season!
Regards, FRAN
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