Replay Card
Replay started in 1973 and came out with the 1972 season.  Over the years, the original Chart Book has been revised as new ratings were introduced and new results were added to the game.  After 1972 was released new ratings were added to player cards over the years:
Error Ratings                   (1-digit, later 2-digits)
Stolen Base Ratings        (**, +, letter)
Outfielder Arm Ratings     (1-digit)
Catcher PB Ratings         (1-digit)
Pitcher WP/Hold Ratings  (1-digit)
Bonus Ratings/Symbols   (raised number (multiple?), star)
Extreme Pitcher Ratings   (K, W, "cross", raised numbers)
6x6 Pitcher Grids
After the 1972 season was released, new charts were added over the years:
Rare Play Chart
Manual Stolen Base Chart (optional)
Lefty vs Righty Result Numbers (and splits)
3rd Base Coaching Chart
Umpire Chart
DP Pivot Chart
Home Run Adjustment Chart
Reliever Rest Chart
Optional Rules Chart

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