The Punch
by John Feinstein

The punch gives us a look back into the minds and hearts of two very different men brought together in a violent moment of rage that would change their lives

John Feinstein allows us to see into the struggle of a young Kermit Washington as he fights an everyday battle against all odds to overcome a tough, lower-class upbringing to star at American University and finally earn a spot in the regular rotation as a rebounding force for the L.A. Lakers.  Rudy Tomjanovich is the finesse shooter.  The all-around good guy who happened to play in a 70's NBA dominated by thugs and enforcers.  One regular season NBA game, one fight, one act of violence would forever change the lives of these two men forever.  The Punch.

If you read one book in your life about the NBA this is the one.  My heart ached for Kermit Washington who just as he got everything he dreamed it slowly slipped
away.  My soul warmed when Rudy Tomjanovich put aside his fears, overcame a gruesome injury, and coached the Rockets to a championship.  The Punch!
 --Andrew P. Huffman

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