2007-08 Season Yearbook

This season brought a return to glory for long-time rivals Boston and Los Angeles, who met in the Finals for the first time in twenty years.

Boston's resurgence from worst-to-first was fueled by a roster overhaul that brought in two star veterans who were thirsty for a championship, teaming with the team's star player and several key role players to play suffocating defense en route to a league-high 66 wins.

Out in Los Angeles, it was deja vu for the team's revered coach on his second tour of duty with the club, who developed a better working relationship with the team's superstar that paid great dividends. With a deeper roster bolstered by mid-season trading, LA exceeded expectations in reaching the Finals for the first time since early in the decade, breezing through a tough Western Conference, including a five-game ouster of the league's defending champs.

Boston had a tougher playoff road to the Finals, surviving two 7-game series against tenacious Atlanta and Cleveland and a 6-game tilt against tough Detroit. But in the end, the veterans found their second wind and wouldn't be denied the opportunity to cap off a terrific season with a championship in six games over their nemesis from the West.





"Ready-to-Roll" Yearbooks

Companion products to the Replay Basketball Game, these new format yearbooks are your ticket to relive some of basketballís best moments! Each yearbook contains player ratings for each teamís players on pre-cut color cards, usually an average of over thirteen players per team. We also include other info on each season: a rundown of the standings and league leaders, and complete team and individual stats for each team. 

Note: You need the game to interpret the player ratings in these yearbooks.


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