1964 Season Yearbook

1964 had terrific pennant races in both leagues:  NL - Philadelphia held a surprising lead late into summer, but couldn't stave off hard-charging St. Louis; AL - New York won its 5th pennant in a row, squeaking by Chicago and Baltimore.  St. Louis triumphs over New York, with many Hall-of-Famers to-be in action!






"Ready-to-Roll" Yearbooks

Companion products to the Replay Baseball Game, the yearbooks are your ticket to relive some of baseballís best moments! Each yearbook contains player ratings on pre-cut color cards, typically every hitter with at least 30 AB and every pitcher with at least 20 IP. We also include a rundown of the standings and league leaders, and complete team and individual stats for each club.

Note: You need the game to interpret the player ratings in these yearbooks.


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